Short Codes are 5 - 8 digit shared mobile numbers designed to be easier to read and are significantly shorter than regular mobile numbers (usually 10 digits). The idea behind Short Code is to make them easy to remember, handy and integrated across all telecom operators, which enables 2 way communications between you and your customers.

Short Code works with Keyword. Keyword is a unique word which is assigned to the Short Code number. When you or your customers types in his request for an information and sends an SMS from any mobile regardless of their telecom service provider with the specific keyword assigned by you, they will get a automatic reply set by you in the matter of seconds. In addition to automatic reply, by enabling URL forwarding you can customize the reply and information's also can be fetched from your database too based on the Keyword and Sub keyword.

Our dedicated short code service enables the clients to launch customized as well as interactive platform through which they can either generate revenue or get valuable feedback from the customers.

Our SMS Short Code Service Features are:

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